Spring 2018 Club

The Athens-Clarke County Library's Girls Who Code club began in January. At the time, most of us were unfamiliar with coding, especially for websites. Throughout our 15-week program, we learned different functions through Kahn Academy. We decided to familiarize folks with different aspects of equality ranging from religion to race to sexual orientation.



Becoming familiar with Girls Who Code and Kahn Academy.



Deciding our community project and assigning tasks.



Getting into the nitty gritty of coding - this was tough! We realized we were taking on WAY too much and had to scale back our website.



Finishing our research and coding the website for the world to see!


Athens-Clarke County Library

2025 Baxter Street

Athens, GA 30606

Email: ya@athenslibrary.org

Telephone: 706-613-3650

Coding in the Spring